I believe that the key to success not only lies in the growth of your business but also in the growth of yourself.

Every Monday, I want to help you reset and refocus on what is important.

  • Building a successful business? Yes.

  • Leading a powerful team? Yes.

  • Delivering a product that doesn’t suck? Yes.

  • Staying on top of trends and technologies? Yes.

But also:

  • Maximizing your time and being present with people? Especially family? YES.

  • Focusing on what really matters and dismissing the rest? YES

  • Working hard but also THINKING HARD? YES

  • Building relationships, family, and personal health? YESSSSS.

This newsletter covers a wide range of topics including business strategies, latest technology, scaling tactics, productivity, and personal & professional growth. I also share valuable insights on balancing work and family life, and tips to stay ahead of the curve in a constantly changing industry.

No matter what happened last week. This is your Monday Reset.

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Who is Wes Foster?

Army Veteran. Digital Business Owner since 2008. Operations Specialist. Team Builder. Father of 5. Software Engineer. Digital Marketing Expert.

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